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How to use light leaks in Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Plus FREE download! from LightLeakLove on Vimeo. - Download your FREE light leak collection here -
This video will quickly show you how to use light leaks in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

STEP 1. Download your light leaks and unzip.
All of our products are delivered by digital download, so upon purchasing a collection of ours you will receive a download link on the very next page after checkout (It will also get sent straight to your email). Once it has downloaded, unzip it.

STEP 2. Import into Final Cut Pro X.
Choose FILE… IMPORT (⌘I for mac, CTL-I for PC) and select the light leak files from the finder popup window.

STEP 3. Choose light leak you want to use.
Scrub through the light leak setting in and out points around the part of the light leak you want to use.

STEP 4. Position chosen light leak on layer above existing footage.
If your original footage is on V1 then position the light leak clip on V2, directly above the footage you want to influence.

STEP 5. Change the composite mode of the light leak.
Double click the light leak layer in the sequence the open the ‘Effect Controls’ tab.
Then under “Opacity” change the blend selection to whichever mode you wish to use.

For the classic light leak look, try screen mode.

Don’t be nervous to experiment with other composite modes either - each choice gives its own stunning results!

There you have it!
We hope you enjoyed this instructional!

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In pitch black conditions at iso 12800

The young knight

ASPIRATIONAL from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.

Starring Kirsten Dunst

Vs. Mag

Jade Lawhon - Sounds from the Tomb from Ben Sasso on Vimeo.

This is a music video made for Jade Lawhon’s song Sounds from the Tomb.

Canon 5d II
Canon 35mm 1.4L
Canon 50mm 1.4
Canon 200mm 2
Glidetrack HD
Manfrotto monopod

Jades music can be found here:

A Brilliant movie by the name “Floating”

F L O A T I N G from Greg Jardin on Vimeo.

A Short Film Directed By Greg Jardin
With An Original Score By The Joy Formidable

Written by Greg Jardin and Matthew Beans
Produced by Jason Baum
Director of Photography Craig Kief
Production Designer Erin Thiele
Edit / Sound Design / VFX by Greg Jardin .


My better half


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