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I'm a guy with a million dream..A wannabe writer/actor an enthusiast videographer/photographer & a dentist...oh & I'm the real cookie monster
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Lighting trials featuring Monsieur Haitham

Hope for children - Egypt from Tahoun on Vimeo.

Samsung Egypt and as a part of their global social responsibility program (Hope for children) decided to develop computer laboratories in the schools of upper Egypt. Samsung wanted to promote this somehow so we at Leo Burnett Cairo instead of presenting a normal CSR advertisement we suggested to document the project and interview many of the egyptian society respected writers and thinkers for them to give us their view on the impact of this act on Egypt’s future.

Creative director: Yahya Ismail

Creative team:
Bassem Gad
Shereif Doss
Eslam Aboul Enein

Director: Mohamed Kheidr/ Yahya Ismail

DOP: Ahmed Zeidan

Cameraman: Ahmed Tahoun

Producer: Begad Omran

Music composer: Amir Hedaya

Agency: Leo Burnett Cairo

Production house: HAMA film

Post production: MPC London/ XRated Cairo

it’s amazing what modern dslr’s can see these days

The warmth within

Nature at it’s best


Each photographer has a cliché photo. Some have old buildings some have mugs and some like me have the backlit tree with the sky behind.

About 3 years ago with my very first dslr

Oldies but goodies.
From back at the day with my very first dslr about 3 years ago